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3 Good Reasons To Keep A Portable Air Compressor In Your Garage

There are a lot of tools and equipment that you could invest in for your garage, but few are going to be as important to have around as an air compressor. You do not have to spring for a large stationary unit to take advantage of compressed air on your property; you can get a portable model that will serve you just as well. Take a look at three good reasons to keep a portable air compressor hanging out in your garage at home. 

Tackle household tasks with ease. 

Compressed air serves all kinds of purposes beyond just those purposes that come up in the garage. There are numerous reasons why you may need an air compressor, from a company like Airgen Equipment, for things around the house. A few examples of things you may need an air compressor for inside include:

  • Blowing the accumulated dust out of box or window fans
  • Clearing electronics and game systems that have gathered dust inside
  • Blowing a clog through a drainage line
  • Using compressed air to blow dog hair out of your vehicle

With a portable air compressor, you can whip the thing out and tackle any task around the house without having to struggle to get whatever it is you need to blow out close enough to reach the air hose. 

Help out a friend, relative, or neighbor with a flat tire. 

Not everyone has their own air compressor at home in their garage, and flat tires are just a fact of life when you own your own vehicle. With a portable air compressor on hand, you can load the compressor up quickly and take it to the person who has a flat tire so you can help them out. These units do not weigh a lot and are not very large; they're usually small enough that they can be loaded into the trunk of your car if needed. 

Have something to connect to small air tools. 

You do not have to have a large air compressor to use compressed air for certain air tools. Air-powered wrenches, impact drills, and other hand tools can be connected to a portable air compressor's hose just the same as they can be connected to a large air compressor. Of course, portable units cannot supply as much air pressure as larger models, but they can still offer enough air pressure to power the smaller air tools you want to use around your garage. 

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