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Making Some Improvements? Why You Need To Include Crushed Stone In Your Plans

If you're in the process of redesigning your yard, you need to order plenty of crushed stone. If you're confused by this, you should know that crushed stone isn't just for big construction projects. It's actually a great addition to quite a few landscaping projects. To help you get started, here are four projects that you can take to the next level by using crushed stone.

Create Unique Pathway Designs

If you're out of ideas for your garden pathways and walkways, it's time to start thinking about crushed stone. You can create beautifully unique pathways with crushed stone. Outline the pathway using landscape timber or brick and then line the way with crushed stone. You can add a few stepping stones or timber rounds to create steps throughout the path. One of the great things about using crushed stone for your pathways is that the stone will help keep weeds away.

Provide Grit for Your Chicken Coop

If you're going to be building a chicken coop in your yard, and the chickens will be spending the bulk of their time on grass, you'll need to add some crushed stone to the floor of the coop. You might not realize this, but chickens need grit – crushed stone, pebbles, and sand – to ensure proper digestion. Since chickens don't have teeth, they need the grit to help break up food into digestible pieces. Chickens peck at the crushed stone, which goes down into their gizzard. Once the stone is in the gizzard, it can do its job to keep your chickens healthy.

Give a New Look to Your Old Driveway

If your old driveway has seen better days, but you're dreading the cost associated with having fresh concrete poured, switch to a crushed stone driveway instead. Crushed stone holds up well under the pressure, and it won't crack or chip. It also won't develop potholes. Best of all, if your driveway gets a few bare spots, you can simply add a fresh layer of stone to those areas.

Prevent Soil Erosion Along Your Private Shoreline

If you own a home on the lake, and your shoreline is starting to erode, you'll need crushed stone. Soil erosion can be a real problem for lakefront property. However, adding a layer of crushed stone to the soil will help reduce erosion, and keep your shoreline looking pristine and beautiful.

Now that you're making improvements to your property, don't forget to order the crushed stone. You'll beautify your property, keep your chickens healthy, and prevent soil erosion, all at the same time. For more information, contact your local crushed stone delivery service. 

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