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How Long Will Heating Oil Last?

A common question people have when filling their heating oil tanks is how long will the oil last. If you're looking for a simple, clear-cut answer — there isn't one. How long the fuel in your tank lasts depends on several factors. Learn about some of them to get closer to an answer.

Furnace Efficiency

Efficiency and the level of heating oil necessary to warm your home go hand-in-hand. Consider a vehicle, for instance. When your engine is not performing optimally, your car is likely to burn more fuel. If your furnace is not in great condition, you can also expect that it will burn more fuel. Keep your furnace up-to-date with maintenance to get more use from your heating oil.

Outside Temperature

Where you live influences how long your heating oil will last. For example, a person with a home in Minnesota would likely use more heating oil than a house in Georgia. If you've recently purchased your home and you're not sure how much fuel you will need, look at the weather averages for the area. If much of the winter is plagued with frigid temperature, veer on the side that you will need to refill the tank more often. 


Insulation is critical to keeping your home comfortable, and it's also vital in determining the amount of heating oil you use. Insulation is important because it helps a building retain heat. A lack of insulation means that the heat dispersed around your home will escape through the walls and the roof. As a result, you'll need to rely on your furnace more, which means your heating oil won't last as long. Insulate your home to extend the life of the heating oil.


What you consider comfortable also determines how long your heating oil lasts. For instance, a family that likes their home warm would need to refill their tank more often than a family who keeps their home just slightly warmer than the outside. Look for ways to naturally keep yourself warmer to extend the life of your oil. For example, wear socks when walking on bare floors or wear long sleeves around the house.

For more specific information about the best refilling schedule for your home, reach out to a heating oil company. A technician can answer questions about your need and even offer you some more helpful tip for extending the life of your heating oil. Visit a site like for more help.

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