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Why You Need A Larger Paint Sprayer When Beginning To Offer Commercial Services

You might have always provided residential services with your painting business. Now that you're trying to grow your business, you might have decided to take on some commercial jobs. Even though you will be able to use some of the same equipment that you already have on your new commercial jobs, you'll probably want to buy some new equipment. Even if you already have a paint sprayer that you use for residential jobs, you'll want to buy a commercial paint sprayer. Here's why. 

You'll Be Able to Get Your Jobs Done Faster

Quite obviously, commercial jobs are bigger than residential jobs, on average. This might mean that they pay more, but it also means that they take longer to complete. Time is still money, and the faster that you can complete each commercial job, the faster you'll be able to move on to another one to continue making money for your expanding painting business.

Using a smaller paint sprayer is obviously going to take you a lot longer when you're doing jobs, which holds up progress for your business and which might make your commercial customers a bit impatient. A bigger paint sprayer that's designed for bigger jobs is going to help you get your commercial jobs done much faster, though.

You'll Provide More Attractive Results

A lot of customers might be serious about how a job turns out when they're having their home painted. Commercial customers who have business partners and customers of their own to impress, however, might have even higher expectations. Using a too-small paint sprayer -- or even worse, rollers and paintbrushes -- isn't going to give the same aesthetic as what you would achieve with a commercial paint sprayer, no matter how good you might be at your job. To make sure that your new commercial customers are fully impressed with the work that you do, you'll want to buy a larger commercial paint sprayer that is going to give attractive, even results.

Your Sprayer Will Hold Up Longer

A residential paint sprayer usually just isn't made for bigger jobs. It might seem to work well at first, but it might wear out more quickly if you're using it for bigger jobs than what it was intended for. Buying a commercial paint sprayer and using a paint sprayer repair service when needed will help you keep it from wearing out while keeping up with the commercial pace that you're working at.

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