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Not Enough Storage Space On Your Warehouse Floor? Time To Move Upward!

In warehouses and factories, floor space is always at a premium. Sometimes, as is the case from the beginning, the space problem is not really an issue until the business or company has grown quite a bit and become too much for its proverbial four walls. If you are at the point where your warehouse needs a lot more storage space than it has, and plenty of walk space too, then you need to take things upward. Here are some products that can do just that.

Used Mezzanine Products

Most of the time, when people say "mezzanine," they are referring to a balcony sort of position higher up in the seating of a performance theater. That is not the case here. This type of mezzanine is still higher up but is more like commercial/industrial decking. These used mezzanine products, then, are the perfect solution to your warehouse storage problems.

These products include:

  • Shelf-supported mezzanines, which are walkways with several shelves underneath for storage
  • Pallet rack-supported mezzanines, which have several pallet racks below the walkway
  • Steel-supported mezzanines, which have nothing under them but the thick steel posts that support the walkways. These are ideal when you want to have a clear path underneath the mezzanines for storage of large, bulky items, room for industrial equipment to pass under and through the open spaces under these mezzanines, or just simply open floor space for employees to walk through when getting around the warehouse or plant.
  • Mezzanine flooring, which is essentially the solid, above-floor walkways
  • Mezzanine stairs, which help you access the mezzanine from the warehouse floor
  • Mezzanine gates, which prevent crossing underneath the mezzanine, but give you the option of changing your mind on that later
  • Mezzanine catwalks, which take you even higher over the warehouse if and when you decide to take your mezzanines and shelving or racking higher than where you had it when you first installed it

A configuration of any or all of the above mezzanine products can really transform your warehouse and provide more upward storage without removing access to all areas of the warehouse.

Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Heavy duty pallet racking is another option. This type of sturdy pallet racking can be stacked higher than the typical pallet racking without risk of falling down or crashing. It is useful in areas of the warehouse where mezzanine products would not make much sense or be very useful.

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