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Choosing The Right Fire Hose Equipment For A Hydrant

Your effectiveness when fighting fires is based on the type of equipment you select. You will need not only the right fire hose, but also the right adapter and nozzle.

Selecting the Fire Hose

First off, the fire hose must meet industry standards. The three standards it must meet are NFPA 1961, NFPA 1962, NFPA 1963. Make sure that the hose service history is tracked. This will ensure that the hose is properly maintained so that it doesn't fail while on the field. Before purchasing the hose, you will want to test it to determine how effective it is. 

The hose size is very important. The hose will need to be big enough to allow for a volume of water that can put out a large fire. Otherwise, you may spray the fire and find that you just are not able to extinguish it.

Selecting the Nozzle

The fire hose nozzle should allow for the fire hose to release a stream that will not produce excessive steam and that will allow the angle to be controlled. For example, in the initial fire attack, you will not want to have more than a 30-degree angle. Use a fog nozzle when the reach of the stream is not a problem. 

Selecting the Fire Hydrant Adapter

To be able to effectively use a fire hose, you will need a fire hose adapter that will make sure that your fire hose will attach even if it is a different size from the fire hydrant. The adapter needs to be easy to install so you do not have to worry about the installation process preventing you from properly putting out the fire. Also, the best adapters use lug pins that allow for the adapter to be disconnected rapidly.

The adapter must also be heavy and durable enough to make sure that the adapter does not become disconnected when using the fire hose, given the large amount of pressure within a fire hose. To keep the water from escaping, the adapter must be sealed by a tight, rubber gasket. Because gaskets will often wear out, you may need to replace the gasket at some point. 

When you have a proper fire hose and when you have gathered all of the necessary equipment, you'll be ready to put a fire out during an emergency situation, and you'll know that the fire hose will be much more reliable. Look for reliable adapters and other parts from a supplier like Buy Wholesale Company. 

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