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What To Look For In A Commericial Grade Work Light

You need a quality work light you can use in your garage, shed, or even in the backyard for late-night projects. There are many lights on the market that can meet your needs, but what you need is a commercial-grade work light that is of high quality.

Since there are so many brands and makes on the market today, you can't simply walk into your local hardware store and find the right light without doing a bit of research. Use this guide to help you select the right work light for your needs.

Safety Features

Commercial grade work lights are designed for heavy use. This means you should be able to use your work light for several hours at a time without worry of overheating or other malfunctions or possible dangers.

Look for a commercial work light that has safety features you can enjoy. You want a work light that has a protective cage around the bulb in the event the light is accidentally dropped or falls from its location. This way, the bulb is less likely to shatter or break. Another benefit of a light cage is this: should the light accidentally be touched by a flammable fabric or paper, the cage will protect the bulb from direct contact, thus helping to prevent an electrical fire.

You should also seek a commercial work light that has an automatic surge turnoff so in the event too many items are plugged in at once, the light itself won't surge out. These are features that can be beneficial in keeping your work area safe.

Cord length

The longer the work light cord, the more versatility you have for hanging and using the light. You want a cord that is long enough so you can hang the light from a variety of heights without having to use an extension cord.

Light strength

Commercial work lights come in a variety of bulb light strengths. While an energy-efficient LED-style bulb is best to save you money on electricity, you still want a light that has ample coverage so you can clearly see what you are doing. You can buy a soft yellow bulb for easing eye strain while you are working or a more white or blue light bulb so you have greater clarity for smaller tasks.

When you choose the right commercial work light for your projects, you have a light that will last. Your local light specialist will help you select the right commercial light for your needs.

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