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Have Problems Mixing Fluids With Machines In Your Shop? What To Know

If you run a shop and you are having a difficult time with your machine mixing fluids and getting consistent fluid texture and thickness, there are some things to take into consideration. You want to be sure that you are getting the same result every time you put fluids into the mixer. Here are some of the things that you'll want to know so that you can try to fix the problem and improve efficiency and the quality of the fluids.

Check On or Improve Dispenser Methods

You want to check the machine that is dispensing the liquids each batch. If there is a software glitch or if the machine isn't accurate, this could be one of the sources of your problems.

If someone is pouring each batch of fluids in by hand, and they aren't doing it to the most precise measurement of their ability, this could also be the problem. Look into all possible problems and find a new better, solution, like pre-mixed liquids to pour that don't have to be measured by machine or human.

Use Static Mixers

Static powered mixers are a great mixing method if you are tired of having a mechanical arm that doesn't always do a good job, that breaks and has complications, and that is slow. The static mixer will sit in the middle of the fluids and use a magnetic pull and static electricity to move the fluids around at a consistent rate. If you aren't currently using this, consider having it added to you machines, or having it around to use when needed.

Look at Materials and Ingredients

Sometimes a bad batch of ingredients and materials for the fluid can be the problem. Be sure to check all of the expiration dates and packaging to make sure that nothing is expired, and so you can be sure that they haven't been compromised or contaminated because of bad packaging.

If your paints, cements, materials or other types of liquids aren't coming out with efficiency and accuracy, they don't look as good as they should, or the batches aren't the same, it's time to start looking at your machines. You want to make the necessary upgrades to improve the machines throughout the shop floor if you have more than one, so you can mix with confidence and don't have to worry about the consistency of the fluids or the texture any longer.

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