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4 Automation Solutions For Commercial Construction Projects That Reduce Costs, Improve Quality, And Save Time

If you are a general contractor or commercial project manager, you are always looking for solutions that will help reduce costs and cut time. Automation is something that you think about in your home or in manufacturing industries, but just how can it be used in commercial construction projects? You may want to consider robotic bricklayers for masonry or robotic arc welders for structural steel. There are also options for automated equipment for finishing concrete and doing grading and watershed installations. Here are some of the automation solutions for commercial projects to help reduce costs, improve quality, and save time:

1. Autonomous Equipment to Break Ground and Move Soils on Large Projects

One of the first steps for completing a commercial construction project is breaking ground in moving soils. Today, autonomous equipment can help save time, improve safety, and make it easier to complete large-scale commercial grading projects. This equipment can include front-end loaders used for clearing land, machines used for installing utilities and drainage systems, as well as dump trucks that are used to move earth around the projects.

2. Automated Concrete Installations for Large Slab Foundations and Wall Systems

There is also a lot of concrete work that can be done with automated equipment, like concrete finishing systems that are used to finish large-scale industrial and commercial slab foundations. In addition, there also automated systems for installing concrete walls in commercial businesses of all sizes, which helps reduce costs and save time during the construction process.

3. Automate Masonry Work with An Automated Bricklayer to Help You Save Time

One of the most time-consuming jobs during a commercial construction project is the installation of masonry. If you have a large commercial project with a lot of brickworks, you may want to consider using an automated bricklayer to help save time and improve quality. Even though the bricklaying machine will lay the bricks quickly, qualified masons will still need to finish the mortar joints and touch up the brickwork.

4. Robot Welding Machines That Help Improve Structural Steel Welding in Commercial Projects

Welding structural steel is another time-consuming task in commercial projects. It is also another job that can be automated using robotic welding equipment. Robotic arc welders are ideal for ensuring structural steel is installed with high-quality welds that will hold up against wear and unforeseen damage. There are many different types of welding robots that can be used for different work tasks in commercial construction projects and help you manage them better.

These are some automated solutions to help commercial construction projects reduce costs, improve quality. and save time. If you are a project manager looking for ways to manage your project better, contact local professionals like those found at WeldBot, LLC.

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