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Common Causes Of Septic System Problems

Damage to the septic tank can pose an immediate problem for your home, as it can eliminate your ability to get rid of wastewater and sewage. There are a handful of problems that are particularly prone to occurring to septic tank systems, and reviewing these common issues will allow you to be informed about the causes and septic tank repairs they will involve.  

Improper Maintenance

Poor maintenance is one of the leading causes of septic system malfunctions. While these devices will not require frequent maintenance, it is vital for them to be pumped empty every few years. Otherwise, the system will start to overflow due to solid waste and other material collecting in it.


Cracks in the sides of the septic tank can be one of the more serious issues that it may experience. When these cracks form, they can allow septic water to leak out of the tank. In instances where these cracks are minor, they may be patched with either a concrete filler or metal patching. When the cracks are particularly large or deep, patching may not be possible as the area may have been too severely weakened. If this is the case, replacing the septic tank may be the only permanent repair option.

Plant Roots

Plant roots can be another threat to a septic system. Roots will naturally grow towards sources of moisture, and this can cause them to target the area around your septic system. While the roots will be unable to penetrate the actual septic tank, they may be able to grow into the joints and openings of the pipes that drain the septic tank. This can cause a serious clog that may completely prevent the system from being able to drain. Preventing root intrusions will require any particularly large plants near the tank or drain field to be removed. Also, root netting can be installed that can block roots from being able to grow too close to the septic system.

Soil Erosion

Eroding soil can quickly cause extensive problems for a septic system. In addition to allowing water to start ponding on the surface of the soil, it can also lead to components of the septic system shifting position. As the components shift, they may no longer fit correctly, and this can lead to leaks developing or piping becoming warped. If excessive erosion starts occurring in the vicinity of the septic system, you may use erosion netting to slow the erosion until you are able to permanently address it.

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Common Causes Of Septic System Problems

Damage to the septic tank can pose an immediate problem for your home, as it can eliminate your ability to get rid …