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What To Consider When Buying An Automatic Girth Welder

If your business builds or repairs large metal storage tanks or other circular metal fixtures, you may be considering purchasing an automatic girth welder. An automatic girth welder, also called a 3 O'Clock welder, hugs the curves of a circular building or fixture, making even welds faster and more precise than a human can. If your business is looking to purchase one of these welders, you need to realize that there are differences among the different welders on the market. Here are a few of the factors to consider as you look to purchase an automatic girth welder. 

The Types of Metal That You Work With

One of the factors that you need to consider when you are looking to buy an automatic girth welder is what type of metal you primarily work with. Different welding machines work better with different types of metal. Every type of metal has a different composition, and as such, it needs to be heated or cooled differently. Some machines can better accommodate softer metals or metals that melt at lower temperatures, while other machines weld at high heat, making the machine perfect for metals that are harder. Taking into account the types of metals you most commonly work with helps to ensure that the machine meets your needs and the needs of the metal you work with. 

The Height and Length of the Metal You Work With

Another factor to consider as you go about buying an automatic girth welder is the height and length of the metal you typically work with. Some machines can work with sheets of metal that are several feet tall, while others can handle those that are yards long. If you are constructing huge silos or metal storage tanks, you need a machine that can accommodate the height and width of the metal materials you are working with. 

The Material the Welder is Made From

Lastly, you need to consider what material the automatic girth welder is made from. Most are either made from aluminum, steel, or iron. Aluminum is lightweight, making the welder easier to lift and transport. This is perfect for businesses that travel to job sites to make repairs to circular metal buildings. Steel and iron are thicker metals, helping to extend the life of the welder. But they are also heavy, making it harder to move and transport the welding machine. These materials are good choices for those who want to use the welding machines in a warehouse where metal circular buildings and storage containers are constructed. 

Paying close attention to what types of metal the automatic girth welder is designed to work with, the height, length and thickness of the metal sheets that the welder can handle, and the material the welder is made from will guide you toward the machine that is best for your business. 

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