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A Look At Different Wastewater Pump Impeller Designs & Their Purpose

In the wastewater industry, there are an array of different parts and components that are used to treat, move, and alter wastewater solids and liquids. One such component is the industrial wastewater pump. These pumps are installed in areas where the wastewater will not naturally flow toward the treatment plant on its own in order to push the wastewater to its intended destination. Even though a wastewater pump sounds like a simple enough fixture, when used for industrial purposes, the pumps are massively sized and pretty diversely designed. Take a look at some of the different wastewater pump impeller designs. 

Open Diagonal Single-Vane Wastewater Pump Impeller

The open diagonal single-vane impeller helps move wastewater that has longer solids in it than usual. The open center of the impeller allows flow through of the longer fibers while still spinning to push the waste through the lines. These pump impellers are usually used in industrial applications in which the pump impeller is located close to the originating source of the wastewater where the solids in the water have not been broken down a lot, so it would have a harder time naturally flowing through a line with gravity's force alone. 

Closed Single-Vane Wastewater Pump Impeller 

The closed impeller comes in many different styles, and this wastewater pump impeller tends to work best with primarily liquid or more fluid wastewater. The single-vane is oftentimes referred to as a non-clog wastewater impeller because the design makes it almost impossible for any line to clog as long as the impeller is moving. Of all of the pump impeller styles, the closed single-vane variety is perhaps one of the most commonly used and fits into the most wastewater treatment applications. For example, this specific design is commonly used for residential wastewater treatment purposes. 

Free-Flow Wastewater Pump Impeller 

The free-flow wastewater pump impeller is made quite different than most other impeller models because it has an open, free-flowing line through the center that allows even the largest solids to pass through. The open eye of the impeller is wide enough that more solid pieces of waste can move through without clogging up the line, so you will often find these impellers used in industrial settings where the waste coming through a line contains some pretty large pieces. This impeller is also referred to as a radial flow impeller because it has deep-cut shrouds along the sides to prevent blockages from occurring. 

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In the wastewater industry, there are an array of different parts and components that are used to treat, move, and …

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